Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have you heard the news? Woo woo! Back on the cancer train.

I thought I was going to be "that girl." The one who fought cancer valiantly and won. For good. Who "paid her dues" and changed her life and moved far away from Cancerland. But guess what? Not so lucky. After almost 10 years of cancer-freedom, I've been diagnosed with a new, different cancer. Different breast. Whole new ballgame.

Not all the data's in - I've just had a small biopsy and those results indicate that this is tiny and low-grade. I'll have to have more surgery to confirm this - I'm scheduled to meet with my surgeon on June 16th. After we have more pathology, my team (and boy, do I love my team) and I will decide which way to go from here.

How am I feeling? A whole lotta pissed off. And a little sorry for myself, frankly. Yesterday, my diagnosis day, I had a great pity party for myself . . . those always make me feel better. Today's better. A Cheeto/chocolate/vodka care package has appeared. I've connected with more of the awesome people in my life. Gotten more support from my most amazing husband, and enjoyed more laughs with my spunky daughter.

I'm gonna get through this, again. Would love it if you'd join me on this journey!




  1. First... I LOVE THE NAME!! I have been saying "weebles wobble but they don't fall down" over and over!! Second...the Cheeto/Chocolate/Vodka care package sounds like the perfect solution for so many occasions! And finally - no matter where this journey takes you and which path you choose - know that I am out here at all hours, for any reason, cheering you on and believing that there will SOON be a For Sale and Sold sign on your residence in Cancerland!! Power to the Weebles!! (Heidi Tremblay)

  2. I am with you every step of the way, honey. Or should I say every wobble of the way. The site name is fabulous. And so are you! The Newton cheering squad is just getting organized! xoxo

  3. You know what Sarah this Sucks! And you don't deserve to go through this ordeal! I know this journey is going to be challenging, but the Please know the Pepin/DiPace crew will be here to support you with whatever you need. Love ya sistah!

  4. Well, I don't think that this is what you had in mind for your "new direction" these days...but you are clearly making the best out of this situation with a little sassy bloggin'.

    And yes, we'll get through this, again. We did it the first time around. (Uh, what does one say here: "Once more with feeling?!")

    Hang in there, babe.

  5. The blog name is fantastic, and you've already got the Twitter handle grabbed, too! One thing I love about you: you don't do things halfway.

    Here to read, support, and keep ya company while you beat the C word for the 2nd time. xo

  6. I am so sorry to hear (read?) the bad news, but I am on board for this journey. Ready to read and support you through Round 2.

  7. I used the Exact words when I told my husband - who was not around when I did this the first time - but I said - Back on the Cancer train...
    I will be sharing your blog with many of my friends - may have to start one of my own...7 years free - now it's back again. Riding along side with you sister!