Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They're here!

I was out last night, and when I returned, there was a mysterious package on my doorstep . . . inside were . . . Weebles!? Yes, one of my nutty but very lovable friends actually hunted these down. Hysterical! These two "Wegetable Pals" now have a place of honor above my kitchen sink - and when I feel like falling down, I'll rock the Weeble and remember what an awesome group you all are, and how lucky I actually am.




  1. adorable Weebles!! Thinking of you today as you have your meeting with all the docs!!! Hope you come out with a plan that works for you. Let me know if I can help with any questions about procedures I've gone through in the past! Rock on, Girl!!! Rock on...

  2. Thanks Heidi! Appts. are actually tomorrow - wish they were today! I'll definitely hit you up for info. in the coming weeks. xo S.

  3. I love these!! I will keep my eye out for more - you need a collection. They are hilarious. xoxo

  4. Well- I'll be thinking about you all day tomorrow, as well!! Hopefully all those positive vibes I sent today made their way to New England in time for the appointments tomorrow! I've been a day off all week - silly me!! Good Luck and know you're not alone - we're all out here cheering!