Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A very important date

Taking time out from some much needed R&R to report that my surgery date's been set: September 19th, 10:00 a.m. Deep breath.

Not thinking of details and logistics now . . . putting off all planning for the time being and setting my sights on fun, sun & family. The foobs'll wait. For now, there's fun to be done!




  1. Very important date, indeed. But I'm so glad that right now your very important date is with D and L, soft serve and the beach. There is fun to be done!

  2. Got the date on my calendar! The end of phase 1"wait and research" and the beginning of phase 2 "the best years of your life". For now, however, there "is fun to be done"... FUN IN THE SUN!! Enjoy the Cape and good times with the family!

  3. Will make a note of it and when you get back can we have lunch? Enjoy the Cape and the great weather!

  4. All - having success in forgetting my troubles, most of the time . . . soft-serv has therapeutic properties! @Jennifer - yes to lunch!