Monday, August 1, 2011

Assembling the posse

So it's 7 weeks 'til showtime, guys 'n' gals. I'm acquiring zip up/button down tops and hammering out logistics left and right. I'm working out like a fiend and enjoying my last weeks of culinary freedom. In other words, I'm physically and mentally preparing myself for what's to come.

In that vein, the other day's post on my anxieties lead to lots of "c'mon! we want to help! let me help!" emails. I am so grateful for all the offers. You have no idea how much it means to me to have you guys out there, emailing and calling and planning ways to ease us through this time. There are so many unknowns, but having a willing and able posse of supporters makes me feel more secure that things'll get done while I'm prone for a while.

I've created a Community at Lotsa Helping Hands to facilitate this effort. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, it's a place where Dave and I can post tasks/meals/etc. that we need help with, and where you can find some way to help that suits you (if helping is feasible and suits you at all, that is). You need to join up because the information there is private, so here's what to do:

  1. Visit my Community at Lotsa Helping Hands
  2. Once you land, you'll need to fill in the right-hand side of the form which is a "request to join the community." Once you do this, Dave and I will get an email notification and we'll approve you.
  3. Once you're approved, you'll be automatically added to the Community and you'll be sent instructions on how to set a password and be invited to sign in.
  4. You're set! You can view the calendar and sign up for tasks.
Right now there are mostly meals on there. There's a lot more coming once we know things like Lilah's soccer schedule, etc. I won't be driving for a while, so there'll also be things like taking me for follow-ups with my docs (at least once per week for a while), or doing miscellaneous errands. And once I feel up to it, we'll open it up for visitors and later, for bustin' out and getting out of the house once in a while.

A word on meals. It's come to my attention that my love of food and cooking is creating some anxiety around prepping meals for me and the gang here. Let's think about this - you know, don't you, that I love Cheetos? Did you know that I also love Taco Bell? And Anna's burritos? Not high-brow in the least, people! And yes, I do also love farm-fresh veggies cooked in delightful ways and L'Espalier and I read Bon Appetit and other food porn. But what I'm getting at here is that it DOESN'T MATTER what you make. You are so lovely to cook for us. And keep this in mind: I'm so nerved up to be asking for help I'm going to need to medicate myself.

So let's do this together shall we? Gather hands. Deep breath. I'll let go of my fear of being helpless and you (if you have it) let go of your fear of cooking for someone obsessed with food. Phfeeeew. Better now?

And honestly, I'm more obsessed with breasts now, anyway . . . .




  1. You know I love a posse! Very excited to try to help ease your recovery in any small way I can.

    Let us know if there are any food allergies (or just food someone among you three just doesn't like).

    Good luck!!!

  2. Hey Sarah --
    I tried to join your community, but not sure it worked since I had already joined the group for someone else (a friend whose husband died of ocular melanoma...). So I hope I show up there, and if I don't maybe there is a way for you to add me in...