Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bra 911, part deux

Just back from my new fav place in town, Lady Grace, where I scored what seems to be the perfect solution to my uncomfy bra issue - nursing camisoles!? OK, so I never thought of this 'til last night when cruising the 'net for tanks with built-in bras, I saw someone on some pregnancy forum talking about how great they were - better than regular tanks with shelf bras because more supportive.

Those of you who know me know that I never nursed - our daughter was adopted - so this solution never, ever occurred to me. The straps on these things tend to be thicker, there adjustable, and the chest band is wider, so more comfortable.

These are the ones I got, I can step into them and they are cotton. Highly recommend to anyone going through a similar issue post-BMX! So I'm giving myself a kiss and rewarding myself for my effort by tucking into bed with a movie. Tanks are in the wash. (and no, don't worry, I didn't bring a load down in a basket from upstairs, I am committing an eco-crime by washing *just* the cami's!) I am bushed.

Thanks to my fabulous friend for ferrying me over there in the rain . . . mwah!




  1. Sorry for the slow start (doh!) but so happy I could help! Looking forward to the pedi/mani when you are up for it!! xoxo

  2. I'm wondering if I see a business opportunity in the future. Sadly, breast cancer is not exactly uncommon. Perhaps you could create a line of bras, tanks and the like that cater especially to cancer survivors. It seems like recovery can be challenging enough, you shouldn't have to worry about bras on top of it.

  3. Second the thought -- and easy to close gowns in mamography suites. The bras should be fun and pretty -- happy to wear!