Thursday, June 9, 2011

Be the girl you wanna be . . . .

So yesterday, I set out on a mission to impersonate a woman without problems - just another mother, working out, doing errands, paying bills. And you know what? Up until I had to go to the Cancer Center to get my en-fuego breast checked out, it worked great. (BTW, it's "normal" - dirty little secret of all these procedures is that the continuum of normal is wide and it can range from nothing to feeling as if someone's using a Microplane zester on your nipple. That latter description would be me. That's normal, too.).

But I digress. There are behavioral psychologists who'll back me up on this - if you smile and act happy, you can actually boost your happiness. I do this often, cancer or no cancer. And I swear to you, it works. It's also called "getting over yourself," or "sucking it up."

Today, Day 4 of the new, new normal, I am off to Costco to fill a basket with fun food for 18 2nd grade Brownie Girl Scouts to eat on a lodge-camping overnight in the woods on Friday. Hot dogs and s'mores and cereal, oh my! And guess what? It's making me smile already.



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  1. Amen to that sistah! Been there, done that and I completely agree with you it does work! Your an inspiration! I need to remember the important things in life and to take 1 second at a time- Michelle