Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm thankful for today

Trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude today. Here goes:

1. Zester breast is much better;
2. Zester breast being better = I can wear my heart rate monitor again;
3. Wearing my heart rate monitor inspires me to work out harder;
4. My two-year bout of arthritis chose to clear in time for my bout of cancer so that I can walk;
5. Walking clears my head . . . I'm becoming the Forrest Gump of Belmont; and
6. Walking burns calories, which is helpful b/c I'm not completely off the junk food train.

Off to fold laundry . . . even when your whole world's been rocked, you can always count on there being dirty laundry to tend to!




  1. i'm here and thinking of you every day! just thought you'd like to know. xo

  2. The Forrest Gump of Newton wants you to know that she is available for long walks if you are in need of company. She will travel to Belmont.

  3. Thanks @Rachel - always nice to hear!! @Jaye - yes! Would love that, only question is when? L's last day of school is FRIDAY. Yeek!

  4. Oh, I'm kind of in denial about the end of school.... Got some me-time set up for July, so maybe then?.. depending on how bogged down you are in dr. visits/how you are feeling.